Good Quality Fiber Optic Cable Double Sheath And Double Armored Loose Tube Cable ( GYTS53/GYFTS53 ),Communication Cable With

Double sheath and double armored central Loose tube cable use for duct , can directly buried, overhead . GYTYA53/GYFTA53 is a double sheath and double armored milti Loose tube cable ,outdoor communication optical cable of metal or FRP strength member of the loose tube jelly-filled structure, with polyethylene laminated sheath longitudinally covered with double steel tape armored and double polyethylene outer sheath, can directly buried.


GYTYA53/GYFTA53 is a double sheath and double armored milti Loose tube cable ,outdoor communication optical cable of metal or FRP  strength member of the loose tube jelly-filled structure, with polyethylene laminated sheath longitudinally covered with  double  steel tape  armored and double polyethylene outer sheath, can directly buried. 

Adopted to Outdoor distribution. 

· Suitable for aerial, duct and buried method. 

· Long distance and local area network communication.


· Filler protect tube fiber steel tape amored. 

· Excellent mechanical and environmental performance. 

· Compact structure.light weight. 

· Can be installed conveniently and operated simply.

.. Antirodent 

. Double sheath and double armored

..  2~24F (SM G652D, G657A1, G657A2, OM1, OM2 ,OM3, OM4 )

. Package length according to customer's reqruiement .

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