Butterfly drop in for pipeline (GJYXFHA)

The butterfly type indoor optical cable for access network is to place the optical communication unit in the center, place two parallel non-metallic reinforcing elements (FRP) on both sides, and extrude black low-smoke halogen-free sheath. It is wrapped with aluminum with moisture-proof layer, and finally extruded with PE sheath into cable.

Product Features

· Specialty bending-resistant fiber provides greater bandwidth and enhanced network transmission characteristics

• Two parallel FRP make the optical cable have good compression performance and protect the optical fiber

· Optical cable has simple structure, light weight and strong practicability

· Unique groove design, easy peeling, easy connection, easy installation and maintenance

· Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheath, environmental protection

• PE outer protection has good anti-ultraviolet performance

• Plastic-coated aluminum strip (APL) moisture-proof layer

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