Fiber bundle center tube S-sheathed rodent proof cable (GYSXTS)

The GYSXTS optical cable structure is a bundle structure in which a plurality of single-mode optical fibers or multimode optical fibers are cured by UV light from a resin material with high modulus into a relatively fixed position. Then, a plurality of fiber bundles are inserted into the loose sleeve, and the sleeve is filled with waterproof compound. The loose sleeve is provided with water-blocking material to ensure the longitudinal water seepage of the optical cable. After the steel wire is wrapped into cable, the steel wire is wrapped longitudinally with double-sided chromium-plated plastic-coated steel strip (PSP), and then the polyethylene sheath is extruded outside.

Product standard

GYSXTS optical cable conforms to YD/T 769-2010 standard and IEC 60794-1 standard.

Product Features

· Suitable for the production of center tube optical cable with 36 cores and above, with excellent attenuation performance

· Accurately controlled optical fiber surplus ensures good mechanical and temperature performance of optical cable

· The loose sleeve material itself has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength, and the tube is filled with special ointment, which provides critical protection for the optical fiber

· Good lateral pressure resistance and flexibility

A layer of wrapped steel wire ensures the tensile strength of the optical cable and has good rodent resistance performance.

· Small diameter, light weight and easy laying

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