24 core MPO box SC connector and SC adapter

Our 12-core or 24-core MTP Cassette specifically refers to the MTP small cable box. Place approximately 30cm long MTP-LC or MTP-SC type non-branching fiber jumper in the box and configure the MTP adapter and LC or SC adapter and connect the jumper to the adapter and test OK. The connection channel is usually specified by the customer. The entire MTP Cassette is then installed in the 19-inch 1U or 2U wiring box for high density and easy operation. The MTP Cassette is available in 12 and 24 cores (usually two MTP-LC jumpers are used) and has the same dimensions.

12 core:

A 12 core wiring box Cassette

An MTP adapter

Six dual-core LC adapters (no flanges)

A 12-core MTP-LC Harness jumper

The value can be MPO or MTP

24 core:

A 24 core cable box Cassette

Two MTP adapters

Twelve dual-core LC adapters (no flanges)

Two 12-core MTP-LC Harness jumpers

The value can be MPO or MTP

The MALE or female MTP header is specified by the customer. SM or MM or OM3 are specified by the customer. For the jumper parameters in MTP Cassette, please see our link: Harness

MTP Cassette is made of aluminum alloy and samples can be made. There are two kinds of MTP Cassette with 12 core and 24 core. The two kinds are the same size and the color is black.


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