Center tube Y-sheathed anti-rat optical cable (GYXTY)

The structure of GYXTY optical cable is a loose sleeve made of high modulus polyester material for single mode optical fiber or multimode optical fiber, and the sleeve is filled with waterproof compound. Water blocking material is added to the loose sleeve to ensure the longitudinal water seepage of the optical cable. The sheath is cabled after the steel wire outside the loose sleeve is wrapped.

Product standard

GYXTY optical cable of Changfei Company complies with YD/T 769-2010 standard and IEC 60794-1 standard.

Product Features

· Accurately controlled optical fiber surplus ensures good mechanical and temperature performance of optical cable

· Loose sleeve material itself has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength

· The tubes are filled with special ointments protection of optical fibers

· Good lateral pressure resistance and flexibility

A layer of wrapped steel wire ensures the tensile strength of the optical cable and provides better protection for the loose sleeve.

· Polyethylene (PE) sheath has excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation

· Small diameter, light weight and easy laying

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